Coaches Blog

April 25th

Text check-in

I hadn’t heard from Miranda since our initial coaching session so I decided to check in on her.  She said that it was a rough start; she was suffering from a severe migraine.  However, she is discovering some delicious Primal-approved snack foods.

During the first week of transition to a fat-burning diet, some clients experience symptoms of withdrawal as they are moving away from certain foods.  It is not unusual to experience flu-like symptoms during the initial stages of your new diet.  It is important not to deprive yourself of eating enough food during the initial phase.  Your body needs time to adjust to your new diet.  The main focus should be to eliminate the primal avoid foods, not to restrict the primal approved foods.  As your body becomes more accustomed to the new diet, you can begin to regulate how much and how often you eat.

On Sunday we will have our official check-in by phone to see how Miranda is progressing on her new diet.

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