Coach’s Blog

Sunday, April 29th

Phone check-in

I called Miranda at our scheduled time to see how the diet plan was working for her.  She said that she was feeling pretty successful.  She only ate one primal avoid food all week!  She has enjoyed eating an omelet for breakfast each morning, feeling full for several hours afterward.  Miranda substituted her sweet tea habit with an unsweetened tea, and she remarked that the unsweetened tea did not taste quite as bitter as she remembered before.  With her busy schedule, she ate out a few times but was able to find things on the menu to fit the primal approved list.  Miranda is looking forward to implementing a meal prep day this coming week so that she can begin trying some of the recipes from the Primal cook book.

Eating out can be a very tricky ordeal when you are trying to stick to a Primal approved diet.  The key is not to be afraid to ask for substitutions when dining out.  For example, the fresh seasonal vegetables are a very good choice but often restaurants use industrial oils to cook them.  Ask for real butter instead; most restaurants have real butter on hand that will easily substitute for the industrial oils.  Also, be careful of your salad dressing choice.  One safe option is to ask for olive oil and vinegar on the side since most salad dressings contain industrial oils.

Miranda’s next coaching session is on Friday.  We’ll be tackling how to calculate macros to maximize your nutrition goals.



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