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Sunday, April 29th

Phone check-in

I called Miranda at our scheduled time to see how the diet plan was working for her.  She said that she was feeling pretty successful.  She only ate one primal avoid food all week!  She has enjoyed eating an omelet for breakfast each morning, feeling full for several hours afterward.  Miranda substituted her sweet tea habit with an unsweetened tea, and she remarked that the unsweetened tea did not taste quite as bitter as she remembered before.  With her busy schedule, she ate out a few times but was able to find things on the menu to fit the primal approved list.  Miranda is looking forward to implementing a meal prep day this coming week so that she can begin trying some of the recipes from the Primal cook book.

Eating out can be a very tricky ordeal when you are trying to stick to a Primal approved diet.  The key is not to be afraid to ask for substitutions when dining out.  For example, the fresh seasonal vegetables are a very good choice but often restaurants use industrial oils to cook them.  Ask for real butter instead; most restaurants have real butter on hand that will easily substitute for the industrial oils.  Also, be careful of your salad dressing choice.  One safe option is to ask for olive oil and vinegar on the side since most salad dressings contain industrial oils.

Miranda’s next coaching session is on Friday.  We’ll be tackling how to calculate macros to maximize your nutrition goals.



Coaches Blog

Friday, April 27th

Miranda’s question

This afternoon Miranda texted me with a question about her new diet.

Question:  I have enjoyed a heaping portion of Primal approved foods, yet my body still feels like it needs something.  Normally I would eat a snack, but I don’t feel hungry at all.  Could this be sugar withdrawal?

Answer:  Yes.  You are probably experiencing sugar withdrawal.  It takes a good three weeks for your body to get accustomed to all the changes in your diet.  If I were to offer an alternative to a sugary substance, I would recommend herbal tea.   There are some fruit flavored herbal teas that offer great flavor without adding any carbs or sweeteners to your diet.  You can purchase herbal tea at your local supermarket or opt for the loose leaf tea options at a specialty shop.

Coaches Blog

April 25th

Text check-in

I hadn’t heard from Miranda since our initial coaching session so I decided to check in on her.  She said that it was a rough start; she was suffering from a severe migraine.  However, she is discovering some delicious Primal-approved snack foods.

During the first week of transition to a fat-burning diet, some clients experience symptoms of withdrawal as they are moving away from certain foods.  It is not unusual to experience flu-like symptoms during the initial stages of your new diet.  It is important not to deprive yourself of eating enough food during the initial phase.  Your body needs time to adjust to your new diet.  The main focus should be to eliminate the primal avoid foods, not to restrict the primal approved foods.  As your body becomes more accustomed to the new diet, you can begin to regulate how much and how often you eat.

On Sunday we will have our official check-in by phone to see how Miranda is progressing on her new diet.

Coaches Blog

This week our first client has started her health coaching.  She has agreed to let me chronicle her twelve week journey into health coaching.  We will be using a fictitious name for privacy purposes.  Please check back often to see how her journey unfolds or subscribe to our website for the latest news and information.

Monday, April 23rd

Initial coaching session

Meet Miranda.  A self-confessed sugar addict, she has tried dieting without success.  She has a family history of diabetes and one provider has suggested a keto diet might be beneficial for her family.  Although Miranda tried the Whole30 food plan in the past, she experienced anxiety over maintaining the diet.  Despite some physical limitations, Miranda wants to find an exercise plan that will work for her.  She is looking forward to learning some stress management skills that will help her to better deal with the daily demands of life.

Our first coaching session is on eliminating foods that are not primal approved.  By eliminating grains, legumes, sugars, and industrial oils from your diet you are transitioning from a sugar burner to a fat burner.  The initial step is often the hardest step because it involves getting rid of foods that you are generally accustomed to eating and replacing them with foods that you may have avoided in the past.

Miranda’s assignment is to purge any primal foods from the pantry, refrigerator, and freezer and to replace them with foods from the primal approved list.




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