Primal Ascent Becomes a Neurohacker Collective Channel Partner!

THIS IS BIG NEWS! Primal Ascent has become a Neurohacker Collective Channel Partner! This means GIANT saving for you!

Visit us on our WEBSITE, on FACEBOOK or at the Shepherd University Wellness Center Health Fair on February 24, 2018 from 10AM to 2PM at the Shepherd University Wellness Center in Shepherdstown, WV for more information on this exciting partnership! We hope to have samples available at the Health Fair, so definitely DO NOT MISS IT.

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Your mental ability involves many factors which must be addressed in relation to one another. For example, having mental energy won’t result in accomplishments unless you have sustained focus to go with it. Improving your mood is a plus, but not if it kills your ability to be creative. To actually improve all these desired abilities together requires a deep understanding of the relationship between all chemical and electrical pathways of the brain and body. Qualia’s formula expertly balances these desired abilities.


We’ve all experienced burnout, brain fog, low mood, and mental exhaustion. Everything from poor diet to air toxins diminish the potential of your brainpower. Qualia is designed to nourish the mind with over 40 premium brain nutrients to immediately enhance focus, energy, mood, and creativity, while supporting long term brain health.

Your life’s potential relies on your mind. Feed it well.

Neurohacker Collective’s Flagship Product – QUALIA