Our product and service offerings have been developed and customized based on our unique whole-person approach. No matter what part of your life you are looking to improve, we’ve got YOU covered!

Accessible and easily applicable content

• Online programs
• One on One In-Person Coaching
• Group In-Person Coaching
• Small Events and Seminars

Integrated Development

• Nutrition
• Mind
• Body
• Spirit

Nutritional Programs

• Primal Blueprint
• Whole 30
• Eat to Perfom
• Supplement Guidance
• Meal Planning
• Paleo / Primal Cooking Workshops

Physical Fitness Instruction

• Mobility
• Strength
• Metabolic Conditioning
• Endurance
• Durability
• Activity Programming

Mental Development Programs

• Mental Control
• Self-Awareness
• Success Visualization
• Mental Toughness
• Resilience

Spirit Building Programs, Activities and Events

• Determining Your Why and Purpose
• Goal Setting and Strategic Planning
• Periodic Check-In and Accountability
• Weekly, Monthly and Annual Challenges

Primal Ascent Group and Community Events

• Weekly and Monthly Outings